Offstring yoyo trouble

Hello I’m trying to figure out what offstring yoyo to get, the yyj fiesta, yyj big yo, or any other yoyo. Can someone help me out.

I will advise against the Big Yo. It’s simply too big to do most tricks. Maybe the Fiesta XX or a Go Big?

I was in the same boat and went for the fiesta xx. I really don’t think you can go wrong with either.

I got the Fiesta XX which is great and I would recommend it.

big yo isn’t too big to do any tricks. Tommy gun did 1a with a big yo just fine. you can definitely do 4a with it.
That said, I would still go with the fiesta xx over it. Stock, the big yo is a bit snaggy, and doesn’t spin the longest. If you take out the oring response and replace it with flowable, it plays much nicer. The fiesta xx is a much better performer I think. Another good option though if you can afford it would be a go big. It’s more for like crazy whip returns like what conde does, whereas the fiesta is more for technical tricks.