What offstring yo-yo should I get?

I am thinking about doing offstring yo-yoing what yo-yo should I get? Thanks :slight_smile:

The YoYoJam BigYo and the YoYoJam Fiesta XX are both good for learning on. The BigYo makes it easier to land the yoyo on the string, but the Fiesta XX has better spin times.


Fiesta XX.

If money is tight, Shinwoo Griffin Wing. Loads of fun. Just line the caps up good when they pop out. If you do this, they’ll stay put. It’s an A-bearing, but still a great throw.

I still prefer the Fiesta XX

Both are easy to learn on and you can compete with them.

I prefer the hayabusa with mod spacers over everything else.

yyj big yo because of its huge width