could john chow be world 09 champ??

hav u ever seen john chow in action check out his you tube channel and my fav vid from


I’m sorry but Sebastian Brock is going to be the 09 World 1A Champ!  :slight_smile: :wink: But maybe John Chow can win 2nd ;D

Here is a video with him using the prototype of his signature yoyo the bassalope!

While I believe Sebby has a chance, I am also feeling good things about Eric. After all, he won Nats, so he is really gonna bring his game to Worlds this year.

its always a possiblilty :wink:

i believe in sebatian Woot go VA yoyoer
(a site said he was from fredricksburg)

It is hard to decied which will win. We will just have to wait and see.

Johns really good, I’m sure he’ll be in the top 15 but I think 1st is a bit out of his reach.

don’t forget about mickey, he is awesomly fast

all players look amazing in video, its when they are upstage that matters

I love Sebby, but I have to say, based on those two video’s I’d much rather watch the JC!! Those tricks were insane!! :slight_smile:

In the end, it isn’t the tricks you do, but it’s the mistakes you (don’t) make. Even an incredible player can ruin his chances of winning if he messes his tricks up. Keep that in mind when thinking of winners.

Plus, those vids are practically never first takes. You can mess a trick up or the angle is bad. The video is only the best of the shooting session.


I really don’t think Mikey has a chance to get first. He’s been repeating and not being as innovative, and has been making too many mistakes.

I look forward to seeing Sebby or Eric. Also, even though it doesnt rank high, Vashek Kroutil OWNS.

I agree I think mickey is awsome but has been messing up a lot

I want to see anne conoly I’ve never seen her in a video (I think She’s hot) 8)