Could I attach YYF hubstacks to a one drop dingo?

I was thinking about this today, then I read the description of the hubstacks saying only compatable yoyos work. Are dingos compatable? Or only YYF compatable?

Thankssss :slight_smile:

it requires modding witch you could screw your dingo up with and whydo you need hubstacks they get boring

ex:(you have a pgm) omg i love hubstacks they’re so fun, 10 min later, i hate hubstacks

dont do it

I borrow my friends PGM, I think hubstacks are really really fun. Not boring at all to me, but how would it screw up my dingo? Isn’t it just a longer axel an the kit?

onedrop locktites there axles in and yo would have to remove it which is very hard to do and its not that simple

Aww, man. Thanks anyways :confused:

I haven’t decided to get a dingo yet, should I get one? Or a YYF yo?

dingos are more of a novelty yoyo and whats your preferences and if its your fist metal i would get a dv888 or protege

I love small, metals. I have a Dv888, but it’s really dinged.

Since when are Dingos novelties?

Dingos play with the best of them, and to own a Dingo is not to own a novelty, it’s to own a good yoyo.


I think I want one. haha.

Is it hard to put YYF hubstacks on a One Drop Dingo? Like the last poster said?

The answer is yes but the question is why?

I did it to my dingo in few monts ago and it makes vibe. Dont do it, like other said "wow hubstacks cool "and in 1 hour “boring” .

Dont do it.

He wants to do what he wants to do. If he wants to stack his dingo then fine. I think that locktite can be removed with acetone or some kind of paint remover/thinner. Since the nut/axle system is the same as the M1, i would believe that you can tap the nut out with a hammer. You tap the nut out using the axle.

Novelty? A stacked Dingo would be a novelty, one that could play with the best of them, just know that stacking anything will increase the vibe. Just because a yoyo has vibe doesn’t make it unplayable, if you want to do it, do it, if you are afraid to then don’t it is up to you.

It might work out fine or it might go bad, the real question is; do you want to take the risk?