Adventures in pointless modding

Whelp, Xmas was hard on the wallet this year, so, even though I really want a new Skyline, I’m waiting until things recover a bit. But, I want to play with hubstacks. So a short google search later, I put makeshift hubstacks on a YYF One. Given that I had a bunch of old '90s A bearing throws around, I had the parts. I didn’t have any real stacks around, so I cut some stiff sections of pen grips and used those. It’s ugly, vibey, sleep time is abysmal, but HUBSTACKS!


Trust me hubstacks get old quick.


Yeah, I can already feel my excitement fading. On the plus side, it cost me nothing but time and spare parts, so I got that going for me.


We still have Grind Machine posts in stock. Basically just a hub stack post on a hex nut so you can hub stack just about any nut/bolt yo-yo with them - In a non-makeshift way!

Of course you’ll also need the appropriate axle size, hubstack o-rings, 2 size A bearings, and a set of hubstasks…


I was actually considering buying a Grind Machine and cannibalizing it for the necessary parts, which I still may do.


And then you’ll have more parts for future pointless mods. I like your style


I’m probably not going to do another hubstuck throw, but it was fun to do. I missed the whole modding era of yoyoing, so I’m having fun with catching up. I think next I might try to recess a Pro-Z to take CoreCo pads.

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