I’m starting 5A guys!. :smiley:
Just having fun!, I want to play 5A. :smiley: (My Yo-yo Sleep Time 45 sec. with a good throw, I try it with a sleeper)

What is the question? You made a statement.
Are you asking if you are holding it correctly? If that is the question, then Yes, Yes you are.
Regardless, change the subject line of your post to better describe the point of your post.

Sorry dryoyo, Yeah, That’s what I mean.
Thanks a lot!.


Hold it however you feel comfortable. The way I hold it is similar to your way.

Don’t feel that you have to hold it the same way as everybody else does. Just hold it the way you feel comfortable with.

Good luck with 5a!

Personally, I feel it is better to hold the yoyo the “proper” way for a few weeks.

It build good habits and it will give you a better basis when finding a hold you feel comfortable with.