Correct string for wood

So is there some particular reason to use type 8 100% cotton string with wood?

polyester will melt and break due to the increased friction. slick 6 can be done, but offers no advantage and won’t last much longer than 100% poly. a big part of playing wood for me is connecting with yo-yoing’s history, and playing cotton just feels right.

people make a big deal about how amazing ‘boutique’ string is, but i’ve never played one that i thought was legitimately better than the $0.07 piece of type 8 cotton i rock out with. it’s not a sin to play poly with wood though; whatever you like. it just doesn’t work well in my experience.

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ed’s explanation pretty much covers it all, really. Just wanted to add that I much prefer type 6 over type 8 cotton on my woodies.

Yeah I was trying to figure out if I could feel some play difference between Type 8 100% and 50/50. But I can’t so I put the question up.

Also is anyone familiar with this black string described as 3x3, Steve Brown signature string. Would it be noticeably thicker? Because I am looking for some black string for my Black/Red B C Spitfire, I found some orange Type 8 for my Yellow/Orange Spitfire was curious about this black stuff.

i have some. i used to like the feel of it for bearings, but i find it’s crap for wood. if anything, it feels thinner and tends to snap QUICK. it’s kind of funny, because steve brown has really only ever used white cotton string. not sure how it’s different, but the black string that used to come with avengers was noticeably better for me. weird.