Coolest modded yoyos!

You have some modded yoyos? I wanna see 'em!

Here is one Kyo made for me a few years ago. I got a stripped Mg. I sent it to Luke Vader and he couldn’t fix it, so he sent it to Kyo. Kyo then cut out the hub of the Mg and replaced the small bearing, un-recessed pad response with a large bearing, silicone response from a DNS!

Here’s a pretty cool one I did a while ago, I like to call it the Hellfire FH2.

That’s pretty sweet!

Couple old mods I did…

A couple Alph’s with wood rings trapped in the rims :slight_smile:

This one I did for the ‘mod contest/charity auction’ that Heath did… I called it the White Glove. It’s a skywalker that was split into two parts, hub replaced, acrylic mounted between the skywalker parts, then brass rings inset into the rims.

This is a world of color that I put a cyclotron hub into just for fun :slight_smile: I call it the World of Radiyoactive Color

I’ve got tons more, but that’s all the ones I could immediately see on the server.


I’d love to have that Skywalker! Things sick.

Those wooden rings look brilliant. That is awesome.

This Modded DV888

A 1 of 1

Looks like a R1.

I remember a lot of controversy with people saying that wasn’t a DV888. haha

Amazing job lol. How does it play? I’d love to try to do this, sand down the edges on some cheap yoyo and make it totally different :smiley:

Something like that is a little more than sanding… lol

Are you trying to be mean to me or am I just taking it the wrong way? Sorry if I’m taking that the wrong way…

I don’t have any reason to be mean to you. I just don’t want you to think that something like that could be done with sandpaper (sanding).

Sanding doesn’t have to be done with sandpaper, atleast in my mind… I was thinking more of a dremel or something.

I was just picturing you with a yoyo-half on the drill and a piece of 200-grit in your hand. Aluminum and sandpaper dust flying up your nose for days. :smiley:

xD no… I don’t think my allergies could handle that.
“achoo… sorry, I’m gonna have to go to the bathroom, I’m losing an alarming amount of blood through my nose teacher…”

Hey, Kyo, it was you that did the pink FHZ with the really fancy metal inlay, right? I’d love to see that again if you’ve got a picture somewhere.

He did it on a Metal Lathe.

You have to use metal Cutting tools. Sanding would take years…

It plays light, and fast. I love it! But it needs re tapping.