Cool yoyo experiment!!!!!

Ok. so i was thinking about this and it sounded really cool. im trying to see what i can acomplish while my yoyo is spinning at the end of the string. i want to see if i can get to ten things. If/when you post, it would be nice if you could include…

  1. the name of your yoyo
  2. what you did
  3. how long you think yor yoyo was spinning
  4. any other cool stuff that you want to add

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

1 Min

YYF Frantic or Barco Energy (I do this all the time :P)
Smoked a cigarette.
5-6 minutes

Went to the bathroom, checked my e-mail, and ate a few goldfish.
9-10 min, or around there.

Sigh? I want that yoyo.

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General-yo Essence
Watched someone smoke an entire cigar.
probably ~12 minutes.

  1. Punchline
    I messed up haha.

Beat Super Mario 1-1
1-2 minutes

  1. elliot jackson peak
  2. spun for maybe half the time because the yoyo was affected.

well the stuff previously posted really isnt expermimentation… so ill post an experiment

you take a pipet or something that can distribute a small stream of water very accurately, and put maybe 2-3 drops of water in the lip of your yoyo while its spinning. it should create a ring of water all around the lip of the yoyo :smiley:

Read this thread ;D
prolly 3 minutes (I skimmed a bit)

crucial (pre pro)tres leche
10mins 45 seconds

2 min.
played a round of darts with my dad.