Cool story bro...

Setting: I’m at work… left my wallet at home… I wanted some gum and I knew i was going to be short on cash … so i took my yoyo with me.

I took a break and went downstairs to get some chewing gum from the “convience store” in the building. The older gentlemen who is usually at the register has asked to throw my NoJive a couple of times in the past. So i know he can at least use a yoyo.

I put my gum on the counter with the dollar… he just kind of looked at me… waiting forme to put some more money with the dollar… instead of money I took the Duncan Butterfly off my hand… reached in my yoyo pouch and took out a fresh string …put it on top of the dollar and pushed it towards him. He smiled and said thanks have a nice day.

that’s all… ;D


Edit: clarified a few things in the story… i hope

Actually a cool story, bro!

That’s really cool.

Cool for you, not for him. He could get fired.


Naaa he leases the space … he pays for the stock… i think he’s good. It’s a little independent deal in our office building.

I walked by on my afternoon break… he way playing with it 8)

How could someone get fired for someone else giving that first someone a gift of their free will? It just makes no sense.

I think the gum was worth a little more than a dollar and he gave him the yoyo to pay it off which is why he said he might get fired.

I don’t see how a few cents is gonna hurt tho…

oh, to me it sounded like he gave him the dollar and the yoyo

He paid for the gum. The yoyo was a gift.


It would appear that he paid the difference with a yoyo

Yeah what he said… I was 18 cents short.

My apologies. I thought it was that you didn’t have enough for real food but you had enough for gum, so you went to the store to get the gum and brought your yoyo because you always have your yoyo… just an extra part of the story. :wink:

“I knew I had to make it to the airport by 4pm… grabbed my keys, grabbed my yoyo, and ran out the door.”

The yoyo wasn’t going to help me get to the airport any faster.

But obviously I misunderstood the narrative anyhow. :wink:

Lol…get fired over a pack of gum…what’s wrong with you people… Although I guess you never know…good story

If it were me, I just would have put the yoyo on the counter and kept the dollar to buy a coke or something…Or…I would have put the gum, some chips and a soda with the dollar on the counter and then the Duncan Butterfly. He ripped you off bro! You could have gotten 3-4 packs of gum easy!

Cool story though.

Paying with yo-yo’s. Awesome.

Awesome people are awesome

When i picked up the news paper this morning… he asked me how to fix the string… so we had a conversation about string tension. ;D