cool encounter at walmart


I work at my local wal-mart in greenfield, IN. I was at work and this guy comes down the aisle throwin tricks like its nothing. I stopped my work immediately to talk to him. Turns out he is trying to start a company and some yoyo designs right here in Greenfield. Right now he only sells strings though. Anyone know this guy? Could you possibly point me towards his profile? He said is company is yy3



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Cool!. I never see other throwers in public places unless its a yoyo meet.


I ran into Dazzling Dave at the grocery store in Plymouth one day.


That’s awesome I’m ususally very reserved so I wouldn’t just throw down tricks, but I admire him for just throwing tricks like it is nothing haha. Awesome story.

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Thats pretty cool.


way cool, thanks for taking time to post about it…



hes my sponsor! he give me free string.


Nope, that’s Y3, and he lives in California.


Logi he just moved to Indiana from California


I ran into Sean Perez and Bryan Jardin at disney world at their yoyo cart in downtown disney, but nobody in any other place.


He did?
Aw man.


Michigan? I’m in Novi…


Plymouth, MN. A western suburb of Minneapolis.


I met a fellow yoyoer about a week ago at a Japanese steakhouse haha he walked in with a benchmark v and a deadlyspins pride 6061 even though he didn’t know that that was the model name…


Dang, that sounds did sick the way you put it, “he was throwing down tricks like it was nothing!” love it!


XD as soon as you said greenfield Indiana, i knew you were gonna say Lecarey XD. Thats fresh he made it there okay, ive been msging him to check on him, but no msg back, so it had me alil worried, but i figured he made it, hes just busy as heck. and i hope he dos get to kick off some prepro’s soon. And his strings are amazing, if you havent tried one yet, check them out.


I’m in Bloomfield Hills. :slight_smile:


Well then, we need to hit up the plymouth yoyo club.


I ran into Mark Mcbride at portos bakery on our way home from LA