Cool combos


What are somre cool combos you have made.

  1. Matrix and you take the momentum of that and go into a suicide
  2. Laceration into Jade whip into slack trapeze into matix
  3. (FAV. :))Matix into Buddha’s Revenge into McBride rollercoaster
  4. Boomerang into a few Brain Twister into a Zipper

I’m still working on making expert tricks into combonations, so give me a break.


Well I make up tricks, but not really combos.


My trick Back To The Future is a combo-like trick.


Pretty much every trick I make up is a combo.


All tricks now are pretty much combo’s. Combo’s of different part from different tricks. It’s very very rare I see a trick that doesn’t take a part here and a part there from other established tricks. And back to the future has been out for a while, it’s not really your trick yoyoman.


I have always been a fan of doing follow into a revers follow to a -1.0 laceration.

Looks sweet to people who aren’t expert yoyoers and it’s fun to do.


This is how it goes down:

Hook… While dismounting throw it up into another hook, DoN, Or Trapeze and go suicide from there.



I think hook into magic drop would be a cool combo! Then you could add a suicide, or another hook to finish it off!


oh! and skin the gerbil, into kwijibo,behind the back eli hop, swing it to the right, pull into twisty triangle! its awesome!


I just made three new chopsticks combo. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]