Making up a first combo routine

Hi guys so yea I’m quite new here

I would say that I’m within the advanced section in the yoyoexpert trick list and so can do quite a few tricks. Now my only problem is making a smooth combo or routine say if someone asked me to perform and all. Oh and also at what level would you say you guys started joining contests and stuff cause I feel quite inferior watching pros play :confused:
If you don’t mind helping me out in connecting some of them to be impressive

I can do most of the advanced part 1 tricks so far and a few impressive ones i guess like gyro flop and a little revolutions and grinds.

I plan to use moves like jagger as a song of a beat to follow unless you guys have any recommendations? :smiley: and also moves that can follow a fast beat like this one?

Anyway thanks if you can help :slight_smile:

My very first combo was a matrix then skin the gerbil then eli hops
I like to throw to welcome to the black parade by My chemical romance

U and me are like at same level of yoyoing what throws u got

Matrix, cold fusion, buddha’s revenge, Mcbride rollercoaster, and kwijibo share the same general shape. Stringing elements from those tricks together will look nice and uniform.

Barrel rolls, mach 5, boingy boing, and ripcord also share the same general shape. Making a combo with those tricks will also look very uniform.

Do a side style brain twister combo. Lots of flips, reverse flips, and lindy loops. Somewhere in the middle of those flips, throw in a skin the gerbil.

My advice for linking tricks together would be to find tricks that start from the same mount that your previous trick ended with, so if you have a trick that ends in a double or nothing, have the next trick in your combo start with a double or nothing. From there, it’s all about practicing the transition until you can get it smooth. Also, don’t be afraid to make up your own ending to get into the mount you want for your next trick. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

One of my first combos was Dr. Strange, Roller Coaster (, Cold Fusion, Buddha’s Revenge, and I think it flowed very nicely.

My first combo was Spirit Bomb to Superman to Magic Trick. I went through a wrist mount phase…

not really used to replying on forums yet so… sorry if this is a late one.
At the moment I got quite a few like, PGM, Northstar, Popstar, Die nasty (glow), genesis, DMII, Chaser.
I’m more biased towards yoyojams now seems more worth the money. I mainly like the chaser, DMII and northstar.

Are CLYWs any good in comparison or is the high price tag worth the performance?

CLYW makes incredibly good yoyos. While I don’t agree with the price, there are very few yoyos that can stand up to them on both play-ability and craftsmanship quality. If you’re looking at getting one, I’d suggest getting a fools gold, or get one off of B/S/T. A little bit of vibe never hurt anyone :slight_smile:

whats B/S/T ? anyway in your opinion does a one drop or clyw beat say a yyf genesis? or almost the same but with very little difference?

B/S/T is “Buy Sell Trade” (the classified section). The rest of the question is too broad; you might find that for your tastes, a One Drop Burnside beats a YYF Genesis. But you might find the YYF Genesis beats the One Drop Code 2 for your tastes. There’s no possible way anyone could claim “Anything by Company X beats everything by Company Y”. Not even the staunchest fanboys would be crazy enough to make that claim!

YYF, One Drop, and CLYW all make fantastic yoyos. You could argue that the “craftsmanship” of One Drop and CLYW is higher, but some of that stuff is academic. A Genesis is a legendary yoyo with high precision machining, known to be smooth and extremely solid and stable on the string.

Be wary of opinions like “Don’t get YYF or YYJ; CLYW all the way, Brah!” (or whoever their preference happens to be). Do your research based on individual yoyos, not companies. Lots of us develop a certain amount of brand affinity (I’ll cop to being a SPYY fan!) but it strikes me as kinda silly to not take each yoyo on its own merit. I haven’t tried any yoyos that outclass my YYF Avant Garde. Plenty that play differently, but none that play “better” (a totally subjective term anyhow).

I have both Genesis and Supernova as “must have some day” yoyos, but I just haven’t got around to them yet. Some day. :wink: If you like what Genesis seems to bring to the table, don’t let other people’s brand preferences influence you… go for it!