COOL! But not so cool.

OK so at church I was looking through the prayer requests and there were two guys one named Steve Brown and one Guy Wright. No they are not the yoyoers but I just thought that was awesome! The bad thing is that Guy Wright just died (not the yoyoer) and Steve Brown (not the yoyoer) has radioactivity in his blood. So cool but not so cool… :wink: :-[


wow that is weird.

There was a guy at our church who I thought was doctor popular about 5 years ago, and I really thought it was him but was to scared to go ask him, so I told my friends little brother to go ask the guy if he was doctor popular and he would give him a dollar.

So he goes and ask’s him: “are you Doctor Popular?” and he replies “no”.
And the poor kid stood there waiting for a dollar so I rushed over and took him away.

I still was not convinced that this guy at our church was not doctor popular, cause he looked so much like him, so I convinced another kid to do the same.

Guy said “no”.

Then I got my friend who was doing the greeting that day to ask the guy the same thing.

Again: “no”.

SO FINALLY, I get enough courage to ask myself, I go up to the guy and ask him: Hey excuse me sir, are you Doctor Popular?

Guy: No, although apparently I look like whoever that is.

2 weeks later, the guy returns to church with a new look.

Also, there was a guy on the worship team who looked exactly like Mickey. It literally looked like an exact copy of Mickey on stage playing bass.



Hey the other day my dad was watching the new and the news guy’s name was Steve Brown!! :smiley:

I just wondering what the guy sharing my name doing right now. Lol.

I was at my cousin’s house and then my other cousin walked in with her fiance and I thought it was Yuuki. It was then that a couple of months later I found out that Yuuki lives in Texas.

I love this story so much! I think more kids should be told “Ask that guy if he’s Doctor Popular and then he’ll give you a dollar”. It’d be like a nerd leprechaun.

I remember one time I was on stage yoyoing. And I looked down and a couplke of guys were watching me. One looked alot like Seth Peterson, and the other looked like Dave Schultes. weird huh?

Yeah, I was at the local mall and I saw this person walk by. I thought it was Yuuki. I had to do a double take. :smiley:

I love that Doc Pop made an account just to post in this topic… Pretty epic in my opinion :smiley: