Contests... How Many You Been To?

How many contests have you competed in? This does not include contests that you just went to, but that you actually did a freestyle in. Sports Ladder DOES count.

I think I’ve been to 7 so far

None yet.

Like 4-5

If you include all the competitions I’ve been to in the last five years and add them to all the competitions I attended prior to that, with each equaling the other, add them together, you get the same answer.





I’ve never competed but i did a battle on stage.


That’s a whole lot of contests! :wink:

lol whoops I only read the title. I’ve competed just once :stuck_out_tongue: soon to change that.

I’ve competed at ten different contests over the last nine years. Man, time flies…

Personally I have been to two contests in the past 6 months.

Zero plus zero equals zero. :slight_smile:


Pnwr 2a

Only 3 so far; az states 2013, nationals 2014, and az states 2014. Competed in the trick ladder thing at az states 2013, sport ladder at nationals, and did my first freestyle at az states 2014. Hoping to make it to some more contests this year, but I’m in college so travelling all around for contests isn’t the best financial decision for me right now…

I’ve been to 3! Hoping on going to more though.