Anyone here compete in sport ladder?

Topic says it all :slight_smile:

I have many a time competed in the “sports” division as I am by no means good enough for the regular division. Also, I compete for fun not for trying to “place” or anything. I like to play to the music when it is loud and the rush of excitement when you are on stage is fun. At the end of the day though for me its all just fun hence the “sport” of it!!

He said sport ladder, not sport freestyle divisions. They are completely different.

And no, I’ve never participated in ladders.

My son has. Is there some sort of specific information you are looking for?

Whoops your right Pat!!! Sorry bout that… Yes I have done the ladder too but only once at NER in 2011. I did well but it’s not my thing I like the freestyle more. Thank you for the clarification Pat. My old eyes do not always read so well…

no. I’m too un-skilled.

Just wondering who competes. I haven’t learned all of those tricks yet, but I think I’d like to try to compete. I’ve heard it called “the old guy division” but the only videos I found had young kids in it. I’d feel like a big bully competing against a ten year old newcomer. So, I’m curious about what sort of people enter the divisions. I saw at the MER site there are age groups for it.

What’s sport freestyle?

They generally have age divisions in Sport ladder, so you wouldn’t be the “big bully.” :slight_smile:

In my experience (I am 36) the kids are fine with the adults competing with them. Most of the beginner kids and adults are at the same skill level anyway… Sport freestyle is just a freestyle that is only 1 minute long and not part of the “professional” divisions…

At NER and MA States you can do the Sports ladder and freestyle but if you sign up for the professional or regular division then you can not do the sports. The sports is just meant for either the beginners or those of us who are not ready to compete against the pro’s!!

Thanks for all the good information. There are four contests within driving distance of where I live. I’ve a mind to attend them this year.

I won Sport Ladder at the California State Contest last year!!! My name is Jordan O’Brien!!!

I did it a couple of times at BAC when I first got into yoyoing. It was fun, even in the older division.

I did it last year at MA states for the heck of it… I thought, “Why not? Worst that happens is that I lose.” I barely even prepared for it, it wasn’t the main thing I planned to do there.

I got first.

Is MER in Michigan one of them? I’ve gone two out of the last three years.

(and no, I didn’t compete in sports ladder. :))

Yup :slight_smile: I live in Ohio. I want to make Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana this year. It’s kind of a pain finding information. MER is supposed to be July 13th this year.

I’ve done the sport ladder a couple of times. As noted earlier they usually have some age specific divisions so I don’t get too badly shown up by the kids. Haven’t done it in a couple of years.

What happens in the event of a tie?

Eli hops m

It depends on the contest. Usually they pick a trick, say looping, and you do it until you fail. Guy that does the trick the most wins.

Ah. I was hoping it was a hot wing eating contest or something along those lines.