Contest age groups


i was just wondering for the future (im not good enough yet) what are the age groups for yoyo contests? and do they vary between different contests?


I think some do this for the ladder competition, but as far as the freestyle, I don’t think so.

I suppose as more yoyo’ers get older, there might be a “senior division”. It would be interesting to see Hiroyuki Suzuki slowed down to “mortal” speed!


thanks and that would be interesting and funny!


Age groups are only specific in Sports Ladder. Freestyle is game for anyone.

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Official Rules

Sports ladder - No Age requirement
Normal/Regular/Pro/Whatever you want to call it - No Age Requirement [ More for experts ]
Junior Division - Newborn baby - 12 / 13 and Under
Open Division - No Age Requirement


Sports ladder also judge you by your age group. Are those NYYL rules?

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I have competed since i was 34 cal states, socal, Nationals. I dont think there is an age limit on freestyle competions. Sports ladders are broken up in age groups. Everyone competes together, but when it come to the awards they get divided by age groups.