Contest divisions

Hey everyone, just wondering what the difference was between the sports division and the championship divisions because I was thinking of compiting so I wanted to how how good the people are in the sports division

Sports is a shorter time limit and is for amateurs. If you compete in the champion division you have to be a pro or think you are really good. Although, there are some pretty good kids that compete in sports.

This is false information.

SPorts(Really SPorts Ladder) Consists of a list of set tricks that must be completed in order, the more you can completethe more you score.

The other division i a freestyle. You usually have 1-3 mintes(depending on contest) to complete any tricks that you desire. Usually what you make up because people dont like it when other people use their tricks in contests.

Well I have only gone to New England contests and Sports 1a is a 1 minute freestyle set to the music the player provides. My most recent contest was NER and you can even go on the website and read the rules, sports 1a was a 1 minute freestyle. I think what you are talking about is pick your trick.

So do I hav to make up all of the tricks or cani us tricks that I learned from other people

Like I said people don’t like this, and if the judges know this, I don’t think they reward as many points if you “stole” the trick. If you ask the person and have permission, sure! Use the trick!

I would go for it. I’m going to try and but together a 1A sport routine for RI
States. I saw MA states last year it there were some pretty good people competing in sport but it’s all fun!!