Question about Sports 1A

So in April I’m going to my first contest (NER). I’m definitely competing in the regular 1A freestyle and have most of my routine done, but I’m considering registering in the sports 1A division so I have something to do if I don’t make the finals. Is it okay if I just do the first half of my regular freestyle (ie my prelim routine) for the sports 1A?

Are you talking about the sports ladder?

In most contests, you are either sports ladder or one(or more) of the regular divisions, not both.

I’d pick one or the other. Also, as I recommend to new people: attend a contest first to see how things operate. While you still lack experience, you at least know how things kind of work.

For sports ladder, it’s “do this trick”, “do this trick”. They run down the list of tricks that have been published IN ORDER when they ask you to do it.

For 1A,2A,3A,4A,5A, there may be a preliminary round, which is usually a 1-minute routine to music that seems to be tech oriented. If you pass prelims, you advance to finals. Usually, 1A has prelims due to the number of entrants. usually all of the other divisions don’t have enough people in the division to need a preliminary round. 2A and 3A are rather hard divisions and so you don’t have as many players. 4A and 5A, especially 5A, is on the rise. 1A is still where most of the entries are.

I was looking at the NER site earlier, they do it a little different. They have two sport ladders, beginner and intermediate but they also have sports 1a division which is basically a normal 1a competition for those still not feeling confident enough to compete against pros.

As for the original question the website does not say you can’t…but it also doesn’t say you can. I would contact a director about it if you don’t get an answer on here.

No he’s not. NER has a freestyle sports 1A category.

He should contact the director in any event. People here most likely don’t know the correct answer.

I don’t think they should have a problem if I just use a different song and shuffle some tricks around for a better fit.