Sport 1A versus 1A division

For contests, MA states specifically what exactly is the difference between sport 1A and just the plain 1A division? is it just skill level? If so how would I determine which I should enter?

Looking at the rules the differences are the age brackets and the time allotted. Everything else looks the same. In other contests that have a sport category, winning that category does not seed you to the regionals, it’s really more like a sports ladder type of affair.

Specific Rules for Sports Single A

Specific Rules for the Single A Division.

generally the better players compete in normal 1a.
go watch the videos of last years event. last year there were prelims, so if you can compete at the same level as anyone who made it to finals, you should definitely compete in normal 1a. there will not be prelims this year, so even if you can’t match last year’s finalists, you might want to compete in normal 1a.
needless to say, if you don’t have 2 minutes worth of tricks, you should probably do sports 1a.

1a because i’ve seen your stuff