MA States are coming


Just some stuff I’m working on for the contest. Any feedback is welcome. I will be competing in Sport 1A.


Great job man!!! I will be competing in Sport 1A too. But you already knew that!!! Great looking throw too!!


Oh snap, yeah, looking good Fellavader. I like when you break it down in slow mo’ too. That yo-yo looks awesome. When is Yomega releasing that yo-yo? Nice prototype.


Hmm, I’m a little confused about what sport 1a is.

Is it a 1 min freestyle?

Great job by the way.


Dang! Just when I think I got first place in the bag, this shows up. I have some competition! Haha, just kidding, great vid.


Nice! I didn’t even know that MA states was that soon! Sounds like fun… maybe I’ll be able to go :smiley:


It’s September 23rd!!

(DOGS) #8

Sport 1a has numerous age subdivisions


Is it a 1 min freestyle?


yes it is


Hopefully no age divisions this year.