MA states!!!!


Whos going to ma states next year? I am im competing in 1a,5a,and mabey 4a or 3a


mmmeeeeee ;D you are going down 8)


Ahahah yeah right im already making my tricks and performance and stuff so yeah ahahah what you competing in?


1a maybe 4a and 5a i dont really know

btw if you already started making tricks you are gonna get better then forget about the tricks you are making now trust me ive tried it


I am!!! When is it though??? Wheres the website? Where is it? Whos sponsoring??? I need details!!!

(DOGS) #6

It isn’t for a long time guys… prolly February


What? I thought is was gonna be around September…


where will it be at?

(202andrew) #9

dont worry about it. Wait 6 months.




me, 1a, 5a,

never said I would win…