Contests FTW!

I am curious about the creativity here at this forum, so I am putting on a contest of my own.

//What unconventional item have you used as counterweight?//

I will give this thread 24 hours, and I will pick which ever I think is the most creative. The prize isn’t much, but the winner will get a completely custom Signature made by me!

If you already have a sig, then I would gladly make a background of any resolution for your computer or something along those lines.

Even if you’re not interested in the prizes…POST ANYWAY!!

Add: It doesn’t matter if you actually have the item. Just use your imagination.

Wow, must i have “Had” to use it? I’ma gona get something creative.

Eh, why not. Addment in rules.

I used a helium balloon, I wish I would have filmed it.

Tough to beat for ‘hillarious’ factor.

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Ninja throwing star and the mighty flea :smiley: I never used any of these though.

Just incase you didn’t know, I don’t think that the Throwing star idea and the Balloon ideas are original, I have seen them before. Not trying to start an argument or anything, just thought i’d let you know.

Have you ever tried a mini piñata?

Beanie Baby

Yeah I know the ninja star Is original but nobady had put It there yet so I though i would :wink:

Hand grenade
Tissue Paper
Another yoyo

I actually use my old iPod Shuffle as a counterweight. Works well with my PGM and preferences :wink:

If you used another yoyo, that would almost be 3A. Anyways, once I used a box of paperclips with paperclips in there for weight and taped closed.

Make a vid with you listening to it with headphones on while you use it for 5A and I’ll make you anything you want even if I don’t pick this as the winner.

Haha. Do the Pinwheel and the cords will fly around in his hace. :slight_smile:

My personal favorite are the 20 sided DnD dies.

A magnet as the CW. So you can land the magnet on a fridge or something and do tricks with the magnet stuck to the fridge. :smiley:

I tried to use santa claus :stuck_out_tongue:

I have used a black chess piece (queen, bishop, castle).

Me Bully and Katana! ;D

I’ll see if I can upload some more.

My watch, this will not win! :stuck_out_tongue: