Contest FTW! Continued

After evaluating all the entires on the previous thread:

I have picked the top contenders in three different catagories and am asking your help selecting the winner.  Yes Yo Yoers of the world, YOU decide the winner of my contest!

//Note: I only used suggestions that were actually playable.  Although a Chiwawa would be the funniest thing I have ever seen, animal cruelty is not nice ;D.//

The three catagories are:

  1. Hillarious (Laugh out loud funny)
  2. Innovative (Unique and adds a new dimension to 5A play)
  3. Resourceful (An item that you may have laying around that is still a good player)

Without further ado, here are the preliminary winners:

  1. Hillarious – Rsmod123 with the ‘Mini Pinata’!  Although many entries were funny, the mini pinata is actually playable and puts a smile on an audience’s face!

  2. Innovative – spinner with the ‘Magnet’!  This simple item can add a whole new dimension of play into 5A!  Just thing about wearing a magnet under your shirt and you can land the counterweight on the magnet and play with no hands!  If done right, this could be amazing!

  3. Resourseful – SR with the 'Chess Piece"!  This is something most of us have laying around and as i found out last night, is actually a decent player!

Congrats to all the preliminary winners, and I look forward to seeing who YOU vote as the best!  Thank you to all that particpated!

I also wanted to add a few Honorable mentions

-Filipino_Kid with his iPod Shuffle!
-Augie with the hand-made masterpieces!

Aww, my various items didn’t make it. :frowning: Oh well.

I like Rsmod’s idea the best, because it’s very original, and the other two have been done before. It’s a very creative idea and the weight could be customizable. Great job Rsmod! :wink:

Your ideas where actually really funny iRon, but I wanted to keep to stuff that is actually playable. Stuffed animal was close, but I have seen them over and over again.

I thought my balloon would win for sure :-[

I didn’t see the original but I wanted to put Air. It’s pretty resourceful

Darn. My Shuffle wasn’t chosen :(. Anyways. I’m voting for the magnet. If you have an all metal yoyo, you can practice doing a Butterfly without the yoyo actually being attracted to the magnet. Gives you more challenge :wink:

Wow! My idea made it. Haha cool!

I always liked the thought of crushing the pinata at the end of the performance, and throwing the candy at the people watching :slight_smile:

How about an Apple? :smiley:

awww, I wish I new about this, I would have entered my “Bullet Bill” (Mario Bros), You all voted and here are the results!





I have decided to award the prize to both of you, so PM me and I’ll get started!

Wow, thats awesome ;D Im gonna pm you.