Giveaway Time #2! Contest!

Once again, Im feeling generous, and with the 2 Raiders from the last giveaway on their way to their new owner today, I decided to have another fun little contest to reward a player with something cool.

So first of all, what is being given away this time?

I will be giving away a set of counterweights with some Twisted Strings to one lucky winner! One Dice CW, and a pair of double dice clear CW’s!

Now there is a catch to this.

I want the winner of this contest to be someone who is new to 5A.
I have seen many people who never got a duncan yoyo with cw, so they try to use random objects as cw’s for 5A play. As an experienced 5A player, I can honestly say that this is not something I would recommend. a 5A CW is precisely weighted and using an object that is the correct weight makes a huge difference.

I want to give this set to someone who either has never tried 5A before/doesnt own any real counterweight. I love 5A as a yoyo style, and nothing makes me happier than seeing someone take up a counterweight and give 5A a throw. So thus I want this to be for new players. Its only fair. :slight_smile:

Now of course, I have no way of knowing if you do or do not own a 5A CW or are even some mystery 5A master, so I am relying on the honor system here. Don’t let me down. :wink:

So now, how do you win this contest?

Very easy. As many of you know, I’m sometimes a Fox. When I am not a wolf or human, I am a fox, now think for a second about a fox yoyoing. Interesting yes?
Now here is what you have to do:

Simply reply to this thread and finish the sentence: “If a fox could yoyo_(your entry)”

So for example: “If a fox could yoyo, it would be better than deep fried ice cream”

Simple enough?


THis will run until July 21st 11:59 PM PST. Once that time comes, no more entries will be accepted, and from then, I will use a random number generator to choose the number of reply on this thread, and someone will be getting this awesome 5A cw set shipped to their door.

OPEN TO ALL OF THE WORLD! I ship anywhere!

So now, that is all the info you need! Feel free to ask any questions or anything else.

If a fox could yoyo…

Good luck! ^ ^


if a fox could yoyo…he’d be Jayyo!

if a fox could yoyo…he would have trouble on binds ;D

If a fox could yoyo… It would be pretty interesting to watch considering it has no thumbs and hopefully the string would not get caught on the dewclaws!

If a fox could yoyo…He would need to replace string often!

If a fox could yoyo pigs could fly and dogs could skateboard. Oh wait………

If a fox could yoyo,he would use kitty string!

If a fox could yoyo, Takeshi would be beaten out of the 5a title in this year’s Worlds by a fox pup.

If a fox could yoyo, it would be hunted down because it’s obviously not the alpha species.

If a fox could yoyo it would need quite a short string.

If a quick brown fox could yoyo, it would walk a lazy dog.

For the computer geek in me this was the most obvious :stuck_out_tongue:

If a fox could yoyo…my sheep would have new competition in the “mammal” category

If a fox could yoyo, The Twilight Saga could have been more interesting.

Imagine a fight scene between a vampire and a yoyoing fox (Mountain Dew Commercial)

If a fox could yoyo, it had really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

If a Fox could yoyo it would yoyo like me. :wink:

I’m not entering.

If a fox could yoyo, Worlds 2012.

If a Fox could yoyo, he would have trouble with grinding tricks. :slight_smile:

If a fox could yoyo… that would be pretty foxxy 8)

If a fox could yoyo, it would start its own traveling circus and make a ton of money and retire young.

if a fox could yo-yo… it should be given every contest championship in 2012. just for being a boss fox.