2A Yoyo Giveaway Contest

Hey all.

Was feeling generous, so I decided to do a little giveaway of a set of yoyos.
But since everyone these days is giving away 1A throws, I decided to do a little contest where I would give away a set of 2A yoyos instead.

So first of all, the prize!

These are yomega hyper raiders modded for 2A. The hyper raiders are a bit hard to come by these days, as they were manufactured during the hyper yoyo boom of 1998. Made in Japan, these were modded by yours truly to be used for 2A play. Great for someone who wants to try to learn some 2A. Or someone who already does 2A and wants to try their hand at a different pair of yoyos.

So what do you have to do to win?

Again, I am going to do something a bit different.

No It wont be a random drawing, and no it wont be a video contest, and no I wont ask for you to throw a block of tofu at a sushi chef saying “DAT MAH SUSHI, MAKE IT RIGHT WIT DIS BLOB BLOCK!” Nay, this will be a contest that will test your artistic ability (oh this is getting interesting).

You will be drawing your choice of a wolf, husky, fox (3 creatures dear to my heart as many know), and the person with the best drawing will win the raiders!

Now let me be clear about the term “best”, just cause someone might enter who is some professional artist who ends up drawing a wuffsky that looks like a photograph with a sunset and ravens in the sky doesnt mean that they will win. The winner will be chosen on an element of quality of course, but also greatly taken into account will be humor, style, originality, overall randomness. (No joke, a squiggly sloppy line art DURRR IMA WUFF LOL made in the style of a comic could win just sayin). Use scratch paper, sketch book, tablet, canvas, your hand, whatever, doesnt matter, dont get caught up in trying to be all fancy, this is meant to be fun and random, all for the shot of getting some nice spiffy 2A yoyos!

So now that you know what Im looking for, and what is offered, time for rules and all that good stuff.

Deadlines!: The contest starts now, and ends on July 11th midnight PST. Meaning you have exactly 2 weeks to draw something you feel would be good for this contest.

Do NOT steal artwork! I WILL find out if you search for someone elses artwork and post it as your own. No joke, I have many ways, and I will find out, and I will
make it very known that you had done as such. You think I can’t do it?

Dont do it!

Please keep it clean. If you want to do some anthro/furry type art, Im totally for that, but remember, we do have younger ones on the forum, and we dont want them to be subjected to anything not appropriate aight?

SUBMIT the art to this thread anytime before the deadline. In the end, I will make a new thread announcing the winner with a complete compiled list of all work done.

If there are any other questions, feel free to contact me. And seriously, don’t worry about how “good” your drawing looks. If anything hey, maybe this will help you improve yeah?

So get to it!


Good luck!


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Yay! I need a pair of looping yoyos for learning anyway! :]
Even though I’m not the best artist, I shall try my best!

I’ll draw for the fun of it; I’m not really interested in 2A I’m already learning 3A. But maybe this will spark my old passion for art :slight_smile:

Sounds cool…too bad you aren’t looking for lions, giraffes, tigers, or ocelots… Wished my drawing tablet was working as well, would do a digital painting. If I had participated, this would have pretty much been my drawing style:

If you wonder, this was done on black construction paper with soft pastels.

I’m definitely going to try this. I’m not the best artist but I do have a pretty good idea. And I could really use a new 2A pair!

PLEASE, do not overuse smilies. I think most here are annoyed by the overuse of them, and it’s not necessary. You can use a couple (when appropriate), but please don’t use every single one.

Anyway, I really wish I had my drawing tablet. Would’ve come in handy, but I didn’t want to bring it to Singapore. AngryGumball, your lion is beautiful! We both have a similar drawing style.

Well here’s my entry.

I know it’s not amazing or anything but it’s the best I could do. I incorporated all three of the animals into a world.

And if I win it would be a good birthday present :stuck_out_tongue: (My birthday is the deadline of the contest)

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haha i might try this even the im no artist. i was just thinking of getting into 2a

(Took the picture at a bit of an angle… =\ )

I used my (Pony) drawing skills to make this and I did this one with a little inspiration from Dead Space (Yeah Nat).

Not sure if I’ll win just wanted to have fun and give Josh a fitting welcome home gift.

ah I thought this was a video contest, I can’t resist to these loopers but I don’t draw anymore…

subscribing won’t hurt though

Just a question… Can I still win them way up here in Canada? Don’t know where you’re from but some people don’t ship here so contests are sometimes limited… So I guess my question is, doe it matter where I’m from?

I am willing to ship international.

YOU ROCK!!! Haha time to start my MASTERPIECE!!!

Jayyo, I’m not sure if I know exactly what you look like, but here’s a portrait:


I haven’t drawn in a while, and I’m not that good.

Wish I was better, :-, eh, but you said it doesn’t matter!

This contest made me want to draw again!

Here you go! It’s a wolf.

I wanted to start 2a, but I had no money. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I added the Aroo in memory of the recent passings of many yo-yoers…

Any thoughts bump?

Giving this a bump there’s still plenty of time. (Man the threads are way more active these days.)

Lots of awesome entries!
5 days left! Gogogo!

Here’s my entry ;D. Not the best but hope i win! Always wanted to try 2a but never got to it, good luck to the rest of the contestants!

I might improve this later.