Best counterweight contest


I would like to see who can come up with the best/silliest/dumbest ideas for counterweights and make a video showing some awesome 5A play with them. I have some ideas myself, but my 5A is horrifying so I don’t know if I’ll make a video.

If people come up with something really amazing, maybe I’ll make a poll and send out a prize of some kind :slight_smile:

::DISCLAIMER:: I don’t take any responsibility for injuries you may incur while doing this. I will laugh very hard if you hit yourself in the man-bits with a golf club counterweight or shatter a Faberge egg all over yourself, but I WILL NOT be compensating you for your medical expenses.

Thank you for reading and I can’t wait to see how creative everyone is!


if you decide to go all the way with this let me know and ill make a video. lemme know all the dets and what not. when the video is due, how long, etc.



This has potential. If only I could do 5A


I will definitely do this if people are willing to make some videos. I think videos should stay under 1 minute. I was thinking of giving a couple weeks for the deadline, but I’ll decide that once someone makes me a video.

I was thinking maybe a takashi dice for the winners…

What do you think?