Contents of YYFxYYX Mystery Pack (SPOILER ALERT)


Got my pack today! The things that were in it for mine were, 2 stickers, a yyf holster, 2 trading card packs, some special bigger player cards (paul kerbel, gentry, luis, and vashek), and last but not least, the yoyos. The unreleased yoyo to me looked sorta like a too HOT, but there are a few differences. And for the other yoyo, it was a popstar i believe. My unreleased yoyo came in blue and my popstar came in an a half aqua half gold. Oh and after decoding a little slip, i won a 10% off discount on my next purchase. What did you guys get??? :smiley:

(Erik Kerber ) #2

Yup thats exactly what I got except my pop star was purple and gold.


PLEASE HELP I decided the pigpen on my card and I t just gave me gibberish! Please help


It is probably a 10% off coupon :stuck_out_tongue:
Or the grandprize…
Check the Other Mystery box thread, Total Artist posted a pic of waht the 10% coupon looks like


Everybody having trouble with the code, use this version of pigpen: it’s a slightly different order.


Check the post right above, that should work.