contacting RecRev?!

Wait… he could’ve actually shipped the yoyos, they just might not have come yet, because if gNNY’s profile is correct, he lives in Germany so they could still be making their way over there.

2 months to get to Germany? lol no. 1 week, 2 at most.

I agree. I haven’t sent much to Germany, but when I have, it seemed to be just over a week. Same with the UK, which I sent stuff to more often.

I don’t have issues with buying RecRev. I either buy direct from them at contests(BAC!!) or from retailers that carry their stuff, such as YYE as one of the two or three places I buy RecRev from. It’s just how I avoid issues.

I think the only four companies I’ve bought direct over internet has been Y-Not, YYR, GSquared and One Drop. No, wait, I did buy some parts from Yomega one time.

Haha just trying to give the guy a glimmer of hope lol

Alex is famous throughout the community for not shipping. He still owes people throws from when he was part of BIO and they’ve all given up. Dealing with him in person is entirely different

The guy sounds like a con artist to me. Just a wonderful person to be around, but when it comes to online sales hiding behind a computer he’s a completely different guy. I’ve never bought a RecRev before, and recently I was looking into trying a Sine/Saw. Glad I didn’t buy it now, and I definitely never will buy any of their products. Sounds like another VsNYYC type deal to me. I hope you can get what you paid for through some means. Maybe there are some better people working for RevRev than Kim.

I think I’ve also mentioned it above somewhere that, yes, I live in Germany and that I simply don’t know if the package is still on its way, lost in the mail or has simply not been sent, yet. To get more information, I wanted to get a better method of contacting RecRev (or Alex) than what I’ve tried before. Currently, I’m not proposing that RecRev has scammed me, I’m just worried and confused about the package not having arrived, yet. The reason for that is still unknown to me, though.

As for delivery times: yes, it can take 1-2 weeks, but 6 weeks or more is not out of the ordinary. Remember the Pro Packs from a while back from YYE? Some of them arrived in a few days (FedEx) or 2-3 weeks, but one took particularly long, a little over a month, if I remember corretly. And it was not even the last pack I had ordered but it was one in the middle. That one got me worried as well, but in the end it did arrive.

Finally, Customs can hold up a package quite considerably. You never know for sure. If you’re doing international trades and business, tracking helps because you never know if all goes well. Hence, I was hoping that RecRev might have a tracking number that I can check. So far, I had no luck in contacting them, though.

I’ll keep you updated on this story.

a little update: according to Anthony Rojas and modman10, the package was sent via USPS to Germany. Nothing else besides that is known about the package. Unfortunately, there’s still no package here. And since I don’t have a tracking number nor sender’s address, I can’t file complaints or inquiries with local offices.

Also, no reaction directly from neither RecRev nor Alex (who I’ve contacted via email and Facebook).

Updates will follow as they come in.

Here’s my take:

RecRev makes great yoyos at great prices, but Alex seems to be a pretty flaky guy when it comes to transactions.

The solution:

Buy through retailers! It’s that simple!

Plenty of Chinese yoyo manufacturers do. Most of them seem more reliable than Alex Kim too, though that ain’t saying much.

I’ve been really tempted to buy RecRev in the past but always held off largely because of Alex Kim’s (bad) rep. Their also seem to be a disproportionate number of reports of RecRev throws stripping. Maybe the new Stax system has solved that though.

In any case I think this thread is a good warning to anyone dealing with Alex Kim/RecRev not to part with your money unless you’re getting your goods first.

True enough, I forgot about good old MagicYoYo for a minute there.

I’ve never had an issue with RecRev buying their yoyos through retailers. I don’t see why you’d want to deal directly with the owner anyway to get one of their yoyos when you can just buy it from a reliable third party.

in this case I was tempted by the pictures of the Paisley colorways. On their facebook page they said that they sold them at local contests. I didn’t think they’d go through retailers with this colorway (which they later did), so I contacted them (RecRev via facebook) about it. In the past, I had some very good relations with directly approaching manufactures (G2 comes to mind) and the negotiations about the what and how much came along nicely. However, now it’s dead silence, nothing.

And THAT’s the thing that ticks me off the most about RecRev/Alex. Packages can get lost and I’m a reasonable guy who you can talk with. Unfortunately, RecRev/Alex chooses not to deal with this situation. So it’s not so much about the $170 lost (though that stinks as well, don’t get me wrong!) but the unprofessional way it’s handled that disappoints me the most.

Still I’m hoping that it’ll get resolved somehow. Eventually.

How do people not know to not give this guy your money yet?

Dude’s been ripping people off since, what, 2005? He took damn near the whole YYN population at once with the Gear…

I’ll never understand why a player like Anthony insists on representing a company run by/affiliated with that guy.

Sorry, gNNY, but if the box isn’t already in the mail, I wouldn’t get your hopes up about receiving anything. I don’t recall what exactly you said about the PayPal situation, but I’d start looking into filing a claim if you haven’t already.

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Paisley colorways were available on a certain other retailer up until like last month…

My only experience with RecRev so far has been being absolutely in love with their yoyos, so forgive me for still liking them.

You can like their yoyos all you want, it’s Alex people have a problem with.

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Well I’ve managed to get by without dealing with Alex so far. It’s a shame he’s so bad with people…

I always assumed the reason was because they’re close personal friends.

That’s why the only places I buy RecRev are direct, YYE, andthe Hi-Chew-loving retailer. I’ll more likely to buy more RecRev yoyos 'cause they’re so darn good. But yeah, I’m not gonna make an online transaction to the dude behind all this.

His track record isn’t even a track record anymore, it’s a freaking marathon.

Alex has -never- been a reputable guy, ever.

His first attempt at making a yo-yo was to try and make a direct knock-off of the freehand mg. I remember him asking me how to do it. It failed.

Sometime after he started BIO, which became famous for taking preorders and not releasing an actual product for like 6 months or more… maybe a year? then when it did come out, it was awful. He eventually shut that down and started using the RecRev brand instead, in an attempt to get away from his bad reputation.

In all that time and all the time since, he’s been quite famous for not shipping anything, not replying to anything, and generally just screwing with everybody.

He may be a nice guy, and from the times we’ve met he is. That does NOT make him qualified to run a company, or make him worthy of getting your money. If you’re going to buy one of his yo-yos, DO NOT DO IT FROM HIM. Buy from a store who already has the stock and will actually send it to you… don’t count on him to actually do anything for you at all.


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It really is a shame that Alex is so bad with doing business with people. He obviously knows how to design and make a killer yoyo (just pick up a Sine//Saw or Freq.Wav). It would be so much better for everyone if he was a reliable person.