The other day I saw a recrev f(x) for sale and I was wondering if they’re good because I haven’t heard about them in a while now.

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Call me crazy but it seems like recrev is more rare than CLYW or even GenYo. I never hear about them or see any new releases. They’re rarely in stock.


Do they still make yoyos?

They were definitely more popular a couple years ago.

I think Yoyofficer stole their thunder.

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Well Anthony Rojas still throws their yoyos. So I guess they still make them.


They are still active. They have a bunch of the B grade Fx’s in stock at the yoyo version of a popular electronics store. I’m pretty sure there are still some Sine//Saw’s in stock here. Maybe even some octaves.


A bunch of octaves in stock, actually.

Only one Sine Saw. Red.


I love my Mangaroo. Never ever trading it.