Recreational Revolution

Anyone know where recrev is based out of? or any other details really? I cant find a site or anything else about them really, just the yoyo’s on this site… which are amazing :stuck_out_tongue:

I hear they are somewhere in Southern California.

Yes, amazing stuff. I have a pair of Sharps.

I noticed some other brands also don’t have web sites.

I also heard they’re California-based. I have a No. 9 and may pick up some more of their throws this weekend if they’re there. Not sure if what they were selling were B-grades or discontinued last year at the Triple Crown BAC event (could never tell if my No.9 had any defects, looked perfect) but they were selling for dirt cheap.

I’m surprised they don’t even have a Facebook page (or maybe they do and I just haven’t seen it yet).

They have a Facebook page, but it’s not used that often.

I just got a Facade and its absolutely amazing. Seriously it’s steller and i couldn’t be happier :slight_smile: RecRev may be one of my favorite brands now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m really considering getting one. They’re not too pricey and they look really good. Are they as good as they sound?

It’s my favorite throw right now. The shape is a little odd but its great for grinding and the bearing it comes with is a beast! Id definitely get it considering its not ridiculously over priced and its extremely fun!!!