tried to pull the ship first on me cause i dont have feed back. after i shipped he acted like he didnt know me. do not deal with him.

I’d like to stand up for myself here, this is a load of crap.

I did not scam you. While I did ask you to ship first, it was because you had lower feedback, thats how forum trading works. Once you gave me the tracking number, I SHIPPED. If you havent gotten the stuff Im sorry but I haven’t recieved anything from you either.

1Z2X63140341410081 this is the tracking number shows where i shiped my yoyos through ups and had to call them back. after i shipped them i text him and gave him tracking number and he said no i dont know a connor i left my phone by the pool and just got it back this morning. cost me bout 20 bucks.

so fake phone number no tracking number…


I hate these kind of people. He pulled the same kind of thing with me; made me ship first, said he’d ship soon, and took over a week.


Ok firstly, I dont even know you JT Man and I dont ever recall doing a trade with you. Honestly and truly dont. So dont go hopping on the lets hate Connor Bandwagon.

I live in Western North Carolina. Anyone who wants to talk, Im all for it. I have tons of people who can vouch for my forum reputation, I have never scammed anyone, never intended to, and never will.

Your feedback begs to differ…

Trade jtman562	View Detail	September 08, 2009, 05:09:34 PM

Ok well sorry I dont remember some random kid I did a trade with 2 YEARS AGO.

I never use YYE Forums for BST’ing because lets face it, theres better ones out there. Yes I have a poor amount of feedback here but I have well over 30 good feedback on multiple other forums.

now he hates yye…

I shipped out Tuesday.

He shipped out Monday as far as I know.

Im very patient its just he jumped on me for scamming and Im not exactly sure why, probably over reacted a little but I got defensive lol

Let’s keep it civil and on an even keel here folks.

Maybe the parties involved need to let things settle for a few days and see what comes of it.
In the meantime, unless you have a vested interest or pertinent information, there’s no need to post here.

the reason was he denied ever speaking to me through text. he denied knowing me or ever speaking me. and why would i post tracking number if i felt i had something to hide…

if you want to clear your name just post the tracking. im sure ups or usps has record. but if you agree to ship through text then deny ever talking to me through same number you had used to make deal after you receive ups number well thats a sign to retreive your yoyo.

I dont have the tracking ticket anymore. I txted the number to you and threw it away. Thats the honest truth. I dont know what else to do.

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Unless you have a vested interest in this, or directly relevant information - stay out of it.