Congratulations André and Devon!

This is huge news, A2Z was the location of my first contest and it’s so great that André and Devon are taking over the store - physical YYE location!!


Nice! Are they going to turn it into a YYE Store?

I know none of the details, but you wouldn’t think it would make business sense to buy a store and turn it into something else. I’d expect it to continue as A2Z Science & Learning but YYE to move operations there from the Eastworks building to the A2Z location in Northampton.

Great news… great to see this community getting stronger.

YYE’s Eastworks location is boss. A2Z is rad. I don’t know how the two could combine into one physical location, but I’m betting that if it happens at all, it will be down the line… both businesses are doing fine from what I can tell. :wink:

Congrats, André!

I agree, the Eastworks location is great but I would think in the long run it would make sense to combine the two so that YYE stock is available on demand for physical store customers, no? I’m not a business owner, André now owns two so I’m sure he knows what he’s doing! :slight_smile:

Congratulations to all. Looking forward to an exciting yoyo school on Saturday!

I am under the impression that the two businesses will be run as just that two separate businesses. A2Z is not big enough to hold all of YYE’s stock… LOL From a business perspective it also makes sense to keep the two separate as well! :slight_smile:

Correct, no merging between A2Z and YoYoExpert, just two separate businesses.

Makes more sense that way, business wise that is. A2Z looks like a full blown toy store while YYE is purely on Yoyos. It’d be wiser to put yoyos in A2Z with other toys instead of making it an all out yoyo store. I have 5 toy stores or what I like to call more “yoyo stores” around me 7-30 minutes apart and they all sell toys, whilst yoyo stuff is only a small portion of those stores.

OK OK OK WHAT! THERE ARE ONLY 5 EMPLOYEES AT THE ACTUAL YOYOEXPERT BUILDING! How do they ship out all of the orders with 5 people

Congrats, Andre and Devon.

Only 1-2 people do the actual shipping most days, we’re just that good. ;D

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Thats really impressive, hats off to you

Félicitations to the main admin and to Devon.

I told you they were expanding! :smiley: This is even bigger than that. So, I’m going to turn into an A2Z cheerleader now too. I’m so happy for those two, yo-yo’s winning team. Congratulations!

i must go to this store now… my life will not be complete till i go there

I know right idk how I’ll get out to massachustes tho. Free passes to Grand reopening? :wink:

Massive congratulations to both of you! Wish you guys all the best with this endeavour. :slight_smile:

First Massachusetts, next… THE WORLD!

They’re gonna need this:

As an adult with kids… I really appreciate cartoons that can hold my interest and make me laugh.