Confusion! Please Help!


So, for thanksgiving break, I went to Chicago for five days. I brought two yoyos with me, and left all of the rest in my case at home. But when I came back, all my yoyos had more vibe than they had when I left! Even some yoyos that were dead smooth before now have vibe. And I know that this isn’t my imagination, because my Gnarwhal (which I literally could not feel spinning on grinds) now has a tiny bit of vibe. What could have happened!?!?!?


You left and your yoyos are angry that you abandoned them. Get a pug, it’s the same thing except they’ll pee on your stuff on top of that.

But, seriously, you may be noticing this because you’ve been gone a bit, so what you sort of just accepted before, you’re noticing now is a very valid possibility.


Thanks, but at least with my Gnarwhal there isn’t even a doubt that it has more vibe now than it did.

Also, I love pugs!


If all of them are affected, then most likely like Studio42 said, you’re noticing something you hadn’t noticed before, or something about your throw has changed. They weren’t all left somewhere where they could freeze, were they? That or gremlins. I don’t know what else it could be that would affect all of them all at once.

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Maybe you’re just more sensitive :’(.


Most people that make it back from a trip to Chicago are changed.

I would spend some time with just one of them and after a few days see if it winds up the way it was before your trip. It’ll happen to me if I don’t pick up a certain yoyo in a few weeks it’s like a complete stranger. I tend to have a whole drawer full of strangers as I just don’t play enough to get completely comfortable with my drawer full of yoyos.


Well, thanks to everyone who has responded, but once again, I can say WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT IT IS NOT JUST MY IMAGINATION!!! So if anyone has any advice other than “It’s your imagination, just play with your yoyos” please post it!


It sounds to me like my plan of rotating through yoyos is a good idea. While I do go to my DM2 all the time, lots of other stuff make the rounds on a regular basis. Maybe my not getting too used to anything is a good thing.

I don’t think it’s your imagination in the least. But I doubt your house was hit by the “YoYo Tweaking Bandits” either.


I did spend the 5 days we were away with my General yo smooth A-grad Entheos, so maybe that affected my judgment. Because they all feel exactly the same on the string, just a little more vibe on grinds.

Also, sorry for sounding rude with my latest post on this thread. I don’t want to get on anyone’s bad side because of it.


What I think is all that general-yo smoothness changed your standards.
Seriously, whenever I get a new yoyo it feels so good, but eventually the feeling comes down and becomes my standard, so every other yoyo feels bad if it is not at the same level as it. Oh yeah, and I definitly am not saying it is your imagination. Just the effect of driving your friends Benz and then coming back to you Honda.


I don’t think you’re rude. I think you’re confused and frustrated and looking for answers. At least some people don’t think you’re imagining things.

But, just because you’re not imagining things doens’t necessary mean you aren’t insane!


Anybody left at your house with your yoyos?


I think that someone or something might have knocked your case over. I have gone quite a while with out throwing one of my yo-yos, and when I got back it was exactly the same, but then again I didn’t go to chicago.


Do you know if anyone touched them also it might be because after lots of use they sometimes suddenly will create a vibe.


Is it possible that some dust accumulated and some of it got in your bearing? Clean your bearing.