In times past, I let people get close to me. It always ended the same way.

They got scared. They got hurt.

No matter how much I cared, no matter how hard I tried, no matter how careful I was, they got hurt.

I warned them. They got hurt.

“Stay away!” I cried. They still got hurt.

It was up to me.

I decided to stay away, To keep my distance, to walk away, to go in the other room.

They kept their distance. They still keep their distance. They are still afraid.

They watch. They wonder. “Why does he do it?”

They do not understand. They will never understand.

Fear grips them. Fear controls them. Fear imprisons them.

These fears no longer haunt me.

Still, it hurts. Time and time again, pain. Eventually, it goes away.

I fly. I crash. I get up. I brush myself off.

I soar with wings of eagles only to fall to the ground. I pick myself up and try again.

Eventually, triumph!

What I strive for, what I dream of, what drives me, becomes reality!

Success encourages me to press on.

Failure and pain, my close companions, give way to victory.

Then, I know I am a man… a man who throws yo.

That was beautiful. sniff


You have defeated HaruRay.

Was he ever reigning champion?

This was prompted by a real life incident that happened almost 20 years ago…

I was coming out of a BrainTwister into an Around the World to finish the trick. I did not realize that my wife was standing right behind me.

She got a Kuhn SBII on the noggin!

I explained to her not to do that. Apparently, she had a slight concussion and did it again!


People are afraid of me!


Please explain.