Competition string


Do I need to use yellow string in a yoyo contest? I see everyone with yellow string.


you don’t have to have it. That just seems to be the brightest and easiest to see when the player is on stage. Some people go with white, green, or orange as a replacement that is also easy to see.


I go with whatever string is on my Yoyo so yeah. One time I went on stage with blue string awwww yeah I’m a rebel!!!


haha, you crazy dare devil! lol

but yeah, most competitors use bright string so its easier for the judges and croud to be able to see since they’re bright and vibrant colors compared to dark. but you can use whatever type and color of string you want. :slight_smile:


thanks guys


must laugh a bit with this thread…


and honestly if I were to compete I would use something that the others did not; stand out for yourself and forget what others use since your performance is what matters, the string you choose to use that works best for you and you enjoy performing with is what counts.




absolutely. unless you are wearing a yellow or white shirt and if the back drop is white or blue (which it shouldn’t be) then I would go with blue or red.


what happened to pink?

gotta love pink…



that color is pretty close to white, so it might not be so good with light backgrounds


so is neon yellow, but everyone uses it… contests usually have dark backgrounds, that’s why people use light, bright string :stuck_out_tongue:


Yellow is the brightest next to white, but yellow is more distinguishable against most objects. This make it easier to catch suicides and other high scoring suicide and laceration type tricks.


I use neon black,
Great for night comps