Best/Worst Colors for Comps (throw/string/shirt.)

Ok, so I’ve been wondering.

What do you guys thing are the best colors for really showing up on stage? Ie, that the judges and crowd can most easily see. Or…perhaps you’ve found that colors makes little/no difference?

The three things I’d imagine matter are the color of the throw (let’s assume the primary color…not specific colorways,) the color of the string, and (perhaps) the color of the clothing you wear.

Thanks for reading, and I appreciate your thoughts…


Neon colored or bright colored string is probably what you want, this way, the crowd can see your tricks. The yoyo can be any color. As long as your clothes aren’t too much like the color of your yoyo or string, you should be fine.

Don’t wear a yellow t-shirt with yellow string… duh.

Bright neon string, dark shirts/pants and purple/green yoyoys!!!


Most bright string ( orange, yellow, green ), light colour yoyo (silver, gold, but most nonblack works ok), than black T-shirt.

Most common mistake I see at contests:
Blue string (completly invisible ), luckily no crazy people with black strings
T-shirt with some rainbow mix of colour, really confusing when looking
Grey clyw t-shirts with yellow string, really bad visibility

ASL…you sayin’ I gotsta return muh gear?


I have nothing to say to this.

Pink/purple throws with neon green/yellow wearing all black