Community Yoyo Channel

If you would like to have your videos uploaded to this channel msg me on skype or on youtube. my skype is rastapasta420. Im hoping this channel gets big enough that alot of people will upload and alot of people will watch. I feel like this will get people’s videos more views than if they were on an individual channel, and also give company’s and people a place to check out amateur throwers. Sorry about my spelling…

anyone wanna be feat in this? also tell me if you think its dumb so i know not to keep trying

I think this is a cool idea, i might send in a video or two if i get around to makin one later.

I like the idea. I would be interested in contributing. Interviews would be cool too!

I do get tired of seeing usernames for various websites, games, or other things with “420” in it. Sorry.

It seems it would be a bit smoother and easier in regards to copyright issues that people find a way to associate the videos with each other via YouTube.

Yea, well my skype was made when it was infact, cool to put “420” in your username. Its been my skype for years so i guess its just an eyesore now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOLOL you know your a 90’s kid when… :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a great idea!! An amazing way for new throwers to get noticed!!