Commonly asked about yoyos review thread

Hey everyone
so i am bored (last period free, but i have a tennis team thing so i have to stay in school) and i was just thinking; there is always a person on the looking for help/ recommendation forum asking about a few select throws. I am going to use this to write a few brief reviews on a few yoyos. I am happy to answer any questions, and yes, i am aware that there are many great reviewers on this site who have reviewed many of these yoyos (thanks so much you guys!). I have even reviewed a few of these. the purpose of this thread is to try to help people, so if you have something to add (a brief review) just add it! anyway, here goes, the yoyos that everyone asks about. I am not doing many of them because time is limited, so feel free to add 1 or 2 quick reviews. I will add some as well. these are just examples of good reviews for this (if your opinion differs, please tell me).
Manufacturer: yoyofactory
weight: 67 grams (i believe)
Very nice plastic. Floaty, dead unresponsive, stable. It is pretty smooth out of the box, but crack it and then it will have some vibe. It is pretty noisy, but not nearly as bad as some of the yoyos on this list. It gets spins to rival metals. It will not grind to well. A great all around yoyo for fast, light(ish) play. Very good for hops.
Manufacturer: yoyofactory
weight: 69 grams
A protostar with slightly more weight. plays a little slower, but not exactly slow. The spin and stability is bumped up by the extra weight. Benefits a slightly more relaxed style of play. another really great performer, but the protostar is more versatile in general for like everyday play.
Adegle psg: super cheap, basic plastic. It will do tricks, but that is about it. it is vibey and can wobble if it is not properly tuned. comes stock with a pretty spartan set up. The response is not too good, and will wear out fast and not bind tight at all. the bearing is smooth and quiet, however. i would take out the response, replace it with something better, and then make sure it is tuned. when you have done all that, it is a pretty decent unresponsive throw. it would be great to just carry around and get beaten up and stuff. very open catch zone is great for beginners. Pretty fast play.
Manufacturer: yoyojam

Out of the box, this yoyo is a great basic yoyo for responsive play. However, with some silicone and a new bearing, the yoyo becomes a beast! long spins for great advanced play. dead unresponsive. It plays as smooth or smoother than any yoyo on this list due to the solid spin axle system. it sets you back about 20 dollars to get the yoyo and the necessary, making it cheaper than most other yoyos on this list as well.
$10 for the yoyo, double for the necessary upgrades

That is all the time i have, but i will add to this if people enjoy it/ find it helpful.