Coming Tomarow 90% recycled yoyo


Here it is




be sure to have pics i wanna see this


Sorry guys 1 more day lost my Duncan spacer


But you promised them tomarow.


Well now it’s still tomarow, but from taday.


Like, talking about yastahday?


Let me relay some experience:

Tomorrow never comes. Why? Because then it’s today.

My wife told me every day for 18 months she was gonna get rid of these clothes she bought to “give to the people in Vietnam”. Well, we needed the closet space, and I got fed up with it, so I said “TOMORROW IS HERE” and started throwing all those clothes into trash bags and put them into the trunk of the car and said “GET RID OF THEM”. All I will say is I haven’t seen them come back.

I get tired of being “Free storage” for people. I also don’t like being “strung along”.

“Tomorrow”, spelled properly or not, was indicated as of October 5th. It’s now October 7th, no photos. It’s time to make good.



are you feeling alright?


Feeling just great. I operate in a BS-NOT-TOLERATED environment. Life is good!

When people say they’ll do something: do it. I try to not make too many promises I can’t honor. I’m busy, and anything that either doesn’t make me money or wastes my money goes to the bottom of the pile.


(looks at watch)


With [his] poor spelling and grammar, generic usename, and lack of posts, I don’t think any of us were expecting this to actually happen.


Srry for delay but here it is




whats that made out of. i can see 2 bottle caps but other than that i have no idea. give us a little more than “here it is”. how did you make it? whats it made of? how does it play? etc…


Ok I will make a vid


My vid


Wow amazing Yoyo you got there love to see how it plays


It is kinda hard to land the gap but it is pretty dang smoth a small microscopic vide though


Hereis it in play( click the vid in the pic area)