Come Back Kid


Been a few years since I touched a yo yo, college and forgetting them at your house don’t play well together doh! Well I finally got them back in my hot little hands and realize I need to do something different. My collection consisted of Yomega X-Brain, Fireball, Saber Raider, RevRim, and RBII, Duncan Imperials and Butterflys (my firsts ;D), and of course the novelty kind all over the place.

First off my Imperials and Butterflys apparently have rusted the axles a tad (they were left on the Northern California coast, not actually, you know, just where my parents lived) and have cut through my strings. So same applies to all the others and will need new bearings and such. And I was just going to fall back on Yomega like I always have, until I came across the fiasco a few years ago, so I might not do it.

So this has left me in a pickle, picking a different brand! I haven’t done that since I was 13! I came across Custom Yo, both the Reactor and Chain Reactor, and an aluminum yo yo kinda intrigues me. But man there’s so many more options now that I have actually looked around, so there’s many more I’m sure I haven’t even had the chance to look at.

So can anyone give a few of their favorites (hmm maybe up to $50, total - I am tempted to get a modified and/or a wing shape, though I land string tricks fine on modifieds, so 1 nice one would work too) Or yay or nay on the Reactors. And material doesn’t actually matter. Oh and could someone comment on the size of those yo yos? I did find they’re 2 inch in diameter, and apparently all my Yomegas are 2.5’’ so will it be drastically different? And I am far from an expert, its just a hobby and I can’t do anything insanely fancy, but there’s always room for improvement :wink:

  1. What size do you prefer? medium?
  2. What shape do you prefer? Be specific: Round Butterfly, or H-shape.
  3. What response do you prefer? Open to options (“can” bind [read: been too long] but some reason having it come back on a tug makes more sense)
  4. Do you like to mod/maintain it? I’ll mod anything I own…
  5. Does color matter? Solids or interesting patterns, most colors ok.
  6. How does your style relate to the yo-yo? Intermediate, mostly string based
  7. What is your price range? ~$50
  8. What is your skill level? n00b
  9. What weight is ideal? Never used a heavy, so medium/light probably

Any yomega metal rimmed is a good buy

The reason lots of the newer yoyos have to have a bind is because they are made to have large gaps and be unresponsive, making string tricks easier because you can have lots of string in the gap and not worry about it coming back to your hand. Also, slack tricks. If you have a responsive yoyo, it is harder (not impossible though) to do slack tricks.

Good yoyos that can be responsive are any of the plastic ones (besides the Legacy, that’s pretty unresponsive) from YoyoJam (YYJ) or the Velocity from YoyoFactory (YYF).

If you want something that’s usually not quite that responsive, any of the metal rimmed yoyos from YYJ, the Legacy, or some of the plastics from YYF.

With the yoyos you have being around 2.5 inches diameter, it’ll probably feel different to have something that much smaller, but it’ll feel different anyways because of the different shape.

Welcome back to the world of yoyoing, and welcome to the forum! If you have any more questions, try giving a search, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask away.

For plastic I suggest the legacy and the plastic grind machine. The metal rimmed yoyojams however play very well. I love my hitman and it is light so I think that this would be the perfect yoyo for you. Also get strings. If you get the hitman get some yoyojam spacers to go with it. I use two red ones. It will play like a beast.

Apparently he doesn’t want a huge gap and unresponsiveness.

But yes, don’t forget to get string.

Yes well the hitman has a reletively small gap to begin with and any yoyo can be mad responsive with lube and such. When he hets better however that yoyo can handle it.