Whenever I learn a new combo, I just want to tell everyone I know!!

If you’re like me, now’s your chance!!!

I thought this post was going to be about cheese filled pretzel snacks….


No kidden.

Great Now I want pizza combos.

happy meal… ;D

but no, if it is 1A, I try to perfect it before I let anyone know.

… food

I have been messing around with a lot of whip and slack combos recently

Should this be in the ‘tricks’ section? or am I a silly

double brent stole follow boing-boing thingy i made up

Just great! Now all I can think of is… C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!

Well I’m sure one of is crazy regardless of whether or not this belongs here or not…

great now all i can think about is fish sticks

Now all I can think of is SouthPark…


Tasteless show

Lately I’ve been doing combos where the yoyo goes down and then goes back up

Get out of my head!

Nah, I like it here. Though you store pony pictures here too…

Yes I do but there are greater things then pony pictures in there if you can find them…

This might be a record thread for getting off topic quicker than any other… that being said… i’m hungry now…

Maybe. I know it most likely is for general yo-yo but in unrelated things get derailed really quickly… I should know I’m one of the people who derails them…