Colorway Question Poll

Reminds me of a Total Artist Pic. :slight_smile:

I love red colors on my yoyo’s, I have 3 solid reds atm. I’m not a big fan of black however. I like my yoyo to stand out while doing tricks, so brighter ano colors and strings.

Greatest colorway ever = Rainbow Trout!

Personally, I’m partial to Snowcone

Colorways need more orange.
Solid orange would be sweet.
Or maybe its a subconscious Halloween thing.

okay. i’ll put you down for Great Colorway.


I like all the colors.

Anything as long as it is a solid color. I am not into splashes or fades.

Me neither.

I love splashes and fades, but, I’m a cheapskate and don’t like paying extra for them. That said, my understanding is they require more work which costs the manufacturer more. So, my point is I would rather pay for the play, not for the pretty. The result is I have a lot of solids and just a few splashes.

This is what my collection looks like pretty much! Except I don’t have nearly this many…

The perils (joy) of living relatively close to One Drop.

^ Yes!

Rainbow Trout was pretty but varied SO much from each one. The one in the pic is perfect (wonder who got that one) but every other one I saw including the one I used to own was much less striking.
That being said, I’m not a fan of the new fade fad, but Snow Cone rocks my world.