Cold Fusion

Just cracked open a 14 year old Cold Fusion string/axel pack.  Thought it was worth sharing.

Unless your enjoying that yoyo, unopened it could have been worth a toon of cash.

that’s a beautiful thing…love, love the cf series.



That’s cool. Reminds me of my sons chain reactor.

Imo a yoyo left in a package is only as good as the package. It’s like having a toy that you can’t use. That just doesn’t work for me.

Play that fusion!! ;D


Its like a metal looper right?

It’s a modified shape string trick yoyo

Completely inaccurate assertion concerning product value potentiality based on ‘open vs un-opened’.

There are no seals to break, when opening a Cold Fusion can. The can top is installed on the can and then the can is slipped into a white sleeve.

Eventually, even if just by total accident, you are going to make some kinda post that is actually true.

I enjoyed seeing this.

That was the yoyo to have when I got out of yoyo’ing in my youth. Had I not been so poor and busy with other interests I probably would have bought one.

So cool and retro even if it is only 15 years old!

Oh man, that thing is beautiful.
Thanks for the share.

Anyway, just play that thing. you make the people who make the toys crying.

Completely innacurate assertion concerning veracity of Bcmaddog’s future posts based on law of averages vs law of large numbers.

After so many trials inductive reasoning would suggest that since all his posts have been incorrect up to this point that all future future posts will be incorrect. You would be committing a slothful induction to believe otherwise.

Of course it is also possible that I am making a hasty generalization as we may not yet have a sufficient sample size and I may not have considered all the variables as we likely still have an incomplete sample space (it is non-infinite but almost surely larger than what we currently have). However, since we will potentially never have sufficient sample size (and we would not know even if we did have a complete sample space), law of large numbers may never apply and your deduction may only be the wishful thinking from the law of averages.

All in good jest though. You’re right, it does seem likely to happen eventually. Plus I almost surely misused at least one of the terms above.

brb going to throw cfgt all day

That is awesome. I hope that you’re enjoying it. I really like that packaging for some reason.