Playmaxx/Proyo Cold Fusion!!!

Hi guys!.. I have a Cold Fusion!.. And don’t really know why others want it badly…
My mom bought it to me…

Here’s my pics of it:

and this…

and this…
It has extra strings ang spacers… It also has badges which I don’t know what it’s for…

Haha!.. That’s me playing with it…

Cold Fusion is my First Metal yoyo, And MY GOD!!!.. It spins so long!.. Its spin is longer than my Legacy!

Oh well, I don’t use it very much… It’s too responsive…

Where did you get that piece of awesomeness man?? It’s 12 years old, and it’s a piece of history man!!! I feel so jealous alreadyyyyyyyyy :’(


My mom bought it to me… She said that her friend was selling the cold fusion which she won from a raffle… Then my mom bought it… My mom said it’s rare.


It’s not made anymore… And the company does not even exist anymore… :o

WHOAW!!!.. Awesomeness! :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

So that’s why it’s so expensive!

Well it’s expensive since 12 years ago. Lol.

Issuzark will buy it for $100 :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha!!!.. Nehh!.. I won’t sell or trade it for anyone or anything! :smiley:

That can be argued. Playmaxx is no longer but the son of the guy that started it ownes YYF so…

That yoyo is much better “in my eye’s” than any YYF yoyo.

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I only have the duncan one, (same thing, although duncan splattered their name across the front) although mine’s solid gold, not black and gold. Duncan RUINED the cold fusion my not including the extra axles OR extra spacers AND put it in a case that’s about 30% smaller. (Ah well. didn’t mean to go on a rant. But at least they could have spent the $5 on extra axles couldn’t they? Well, at least I have one)

Nicely said Icthus. ;D

Go give your mother a hug.

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I disagree with that, and that’s cool that YoHans owned that company, never knew that.

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Sorry… got a little out of hand there.

someone’s selling one on ebay for $229 :o

There’s two here in hunington beach at a kite shop.

awesome!.. They still have it in some shops!

That guy @PikachuCanYoyo is right, go hug your Mom.