Any Space Crown Ultra thoughts?


I decided not to open mine until Christmas, putting it in wrapping for myself… opinions and recommendations welcomed

(Jacob Waugh) #2

don’t you want to be surprised?


To me it is sorta your typical higher end V metal yoyo? I’m not really a fan of plain V shapes, myself. It is a very clean and classic design plus 7068.

(Spinworthy Glen) #4

I have one and It’s a very good performing yoyo for sure. Being a V, it has a wide open catch zone which is good for risky catches and horizontal. It definitely feels really ‘cold’ on the string to me, not much in the way of a satisfying feeling. That’s purely my opinion, though.


Open it now… Don’t wait until Christmas. You already know you have it. It’s no surprise.

What advantage is there to wait till Christmas.

I might buy a New truck tomorrow. But I won’t drive it until my Birthday in March. In the meantime; I am going to ask everybody I know… and scour the internet for reviews and opinions on how good it is?
I think I will do my research while sitting in my New truck; using my 12.9” IPad Pro on cellular. But I won’t start the truck. Because I want to wait till March.

Oh… by the way; do both of us a big favor. Open your Yoyo now. Give it some quality throwing time. Burn up some strings and really work that Ultra. You will love :heart: it. I have a few.

Spoil yourself. Do it!

That way when I am sitting in my New truck; I can read your online review of the Ultra on my IPad.

Seriously; just open it and Play with it. Unless you skipped childhood and are trying to make up for that; Christmas present protocol is seriously over rated.

I bet Santa comes down the chimney every night and busts some moves on your New yoyo.

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I hope Santa leaves a review, too! Leave out some cookies & spare string for him!


And a message. Don’t forget the message :slight_smile:


Well hello there … SATAN :smiling_imp:

It’s funny you say this because I too am a “eat your dessert first” kind of guy. Seriously! Treat yo’ self!


I’ll use that as my excuse…


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You should flag it for moderator attention, I am a janitor here not a moderator!


Better not set your expectations too high

try a finger grind when you open it!


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