Code 1 - spin time

I got my Code 1 in a few days ago and I really like it. The light weight is awesome, it’s stable, feels good in the hand, and has nice response, etc. However, I’ve noticed that the spin time is lacking when compared to my other throws. Is the light weight the reason? If so, would side effects help it spin longer? But then I’d be losing the light feel… Anyone else notice this with the Code 1? Is it something that just comes with throwing a light yoyo? Thanks.

Code 1 is one of the best yoyos made, i’ve had many but never had any issues with spin time, then again i don’t think i’ve ever had spin time issues with any decent metal. Make sure the bearing is spinning well, and the response isn’t rubbing the string too much. If it’s genuinely loosing spin then i’d say the bearing might be an issue. Throw a concave in there like it deserves and toss that 10-ball.

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Are you getting any slippage when you throw? As in, the string not holding tight against the response. I had that problem on a 54. Little thicker string helped a lot.

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I agree, it’s amazing. Bearing is fine. I just swapped it out for a twisted trifecta that I use in my Yelets, and now it’s really responsive. Not sure why this is happening. I didn’t lube the trifecta and it plays perfectly unresponsive in my Yelets. I’m thinking my string is rubbing the response and maybe it needs some break in time? I’m using Kitty 1.5, btw. If I can get this thing to spin longer it would probably be my ultimate throw.

Not really any slippage problems. Using Kitty 1.5.