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Is your 888 a bootleg, honestly

No it is not bootleg

The “rare” blue 888 is an 888x, and there are probably a ton of them. I am not sure about number, maybe you are right, but I am sure its an 888x

Only the 888x was blasted with glossy IRG’s, that is one.

You need to change your title. You are no longer trading or selling your Avalanche, so saying CLYW in your topic title is false advertising.


i said that because of what you said about the 888


Buyer beware the 888 listed above is not a 2009 nor is it a “Smiley Edition”.

That edition of yoyo never existed despite the information the seller has listed. The 888 above is nothing more than a blue 888x, you can blatantly tell from the laser engraving of the batch number above the hubstack. Attached is proof that no such thing exist. It is not rare. Do not let him talk you out of more money than it is worth.

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Bump to see what offers I can get