Clyw yoyo as a first metal

hey guys i was just wondering if a Clyw yoyo would be good for my first metal. i got a lot more money than i expected thats why i wanted a clyw also cuz i heard all their yo-yos are REALLY good. i was just wondering if the $115 CLYW’s would be good first metals?

If you have the funds and that’s what you want do it! There really isn’t a correct first metal. It’s your money get what makes you happy. There are so many great yoyos and clyw is among those.

I say that if you’re okay with getting a few dings or scratches (you will get some), than it’ll be fine. If you want to, go for it! As you know, CLYW makes excellent throws. A lot of people reccomend cheaper throws as a first metal because it won’t matter as much if it gets messed up, but if you’re careful, a CLYW is a great choice! Which one were you looking at? Might I ask, could you tell me where you found these in stock?

If you don’t mind scuffing up a yoyo that costs that much then go for it. Otherwise invest in a less expensive yoyo and save the rest for a clyw later on. Clyw usually are very sought after so one with dings and scuffs wont hold its value really if you ever want to try and trade/ sell it later on.

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For sure. Get one used on the BST that plays well.

It’s ultimately your desision, but if you want an incredible throw at a low price check out the Dv888 by YoYoFactory.

Seems like I’m promoting this yoyo lately aha… who cares it deserves it!

Definitely a good option. Also, if you want more full size you can try a God Tricks or the Firmy. Both less expensive than a clyw and o play as well as the dv888 which I love. You would have a good yoyo and maybe one that you wouldn’t feel as bad about if you scuffed it up. Plus, they are a bit easier to replace unlike the clyw.