CLYW Repeater

Hey, can some one please make a tutorial for this trick. I can see what he is doing, but since I am left handed, everything he is doing is backwards for me, so i do not fully understand how to do it. I would really appreciate it if someone could slow it down and talk through the steps.thank you to who ever helps me! =]

Not the first time I’ve also wished I had a tutorial for a tutorial. :wink: So hard to tell what’s going on sometimes during the top-down segment. I just get mesmerized!

Same, but since I am left handed, I have to do everything backwards from them, so it makes it even harder to learn.

  1. Land a 1.5 mount
  2. Pop down into an and what mount
  3. Cross arms and swing the yoyo onto the front string
  4. uncross arms and repeat

There’s two different ones. Second one looks more tricky. I’ll work on them today and see how it goes.

The second one is the

Yea, but which part of the string do I land on?